Buck my ideas up

Tonight I needed something a little different to the Myagi in me as I turned to the magic of Uncle Buck.
The wild thing that has all the down to earth and humour that that I love and is what I need in tough times.

The ability to really make me laugh isn’t as easy as you may thinkI. Ive been around a lot of real life comedy greats who together are like the justice league of comics.
Being around them is like being in an only fools Christmas special.
They just have it without trying and can make me cry with laughter in hearing their stories.
I love so much when people make me laugh.

I woke up the other morning to an unexpected abs very welcome chuckle in a poster I was sent Which firstly made me happy in such cheeky carry on humour and of course then left me feeling “I totally would”. 😊

It’s always good to have unobtainable to dream about.

Today was a really difficult one. I feel tired and sad and wishing so much for people i love and care about to be ok and happy and to have all they wish for.

I’m not the sophisticated type, perfectly turned out and full of fascinating intellectual dinner party chat.
Im just a very simple person in this world.
A dreamy girl from a time gone by where life was just about having fun and being happy and kind.

The responsibilities of life feeling so heavy today as we try to deal with everything that comes with loss.

If only grief were as simple as shedding a few tears.
The real version with all the practicalities of life being so much more complicated than just feeling sad.

Tomorrow is a brand new day as I hold on as ever to the dreamer in me .
We are all Dreamers until life tries to squash it. Don’t ever let it ❤️

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