White Butterfly

Call me a nutcase but having seen a picture of a tree house today after seeing a string of other images that felt bizarrely relevant for me over the past few days including a Rainy New York on my sad and jealous sunny day, alongside a few food images that have made me smile, I walked tiredly out into my garden for some sunshine and solitude and was greeted by a song I don’t know coming from the flat upstairs

One Direction Night Changes

I looked across at my messy uncut grass and saw lots of daisies.

If the universe is calling out to me then you caught my eye and my ear…
but I’m gonna need more than that.
You’re dealing with a very sad and negative version that is tired and has retreated into her home.

Dreaming and Magic feels a whole world away from this girl.

Even if the positive voice in my head definitely raised her voice from a whisper for a moment with the words MAGIC!

… Oh come on … a white butterfly fluttering in front of my face as I just wrote that .. ok I felt that.. You have my attention.

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