Diary of Small Changes … Day 10

Day 10 Strange Dream

Last night I went to sleep early. I sat in the garden to work yesterday. It was such a nice change.
But the hour and a half at the ms teams meeting at the end of the day in my kitchen drained me.
A meeting on lessons learnt from a project I was involved in.
The only lesson I learnt in that meeting was to try to avoid online meetings.
Noone was Interested in learning any lessons. And I wasn’t interested full stop as I sat and looked out of the window.
Thank goodness it’s pay day today which reminds me why I sit on this laptop doing what I don’t enjoy and I’m not really made for.

I rose at 6 this morning. Second day morning swimming. It feels good to be back to that and to start the day with a sit in the garden when it’s really peaceful before I swim at 7.
It feels like a good foundation to build on each day. A different feeling to swimming at night.

Anyways I had such a vivid dream last night where I was in some kind of cave which felt like part of Willy wonkas chocolate factory. I know this because as I was navigating the rocks to get to the spiral path leading upwards I fell into a pool of chocolate.
I liked swimming in it but I got out and started to walk up the winding path where I saw a child with a tricycle. I didn’t recognise who it was but I was sure I knew them. They appeared to be trying to escape. I picked up the child and the tricycle as we ran from whatever we were running from. I didn’t even know. As we reached the cliff I didn’t know what to do. I know I had struggled to climb it and wasn’t sure that I had the strength to carry someone else as well. In the panic I picked the child up and put them on my back and told them to hang on very tightly, along with the tricycle hooked through my arm. I needed all my strength to make it safely.
Hanging on to the rocks as tightly as I could with all the strength I could find.
I could feel a strength in me coming from somewhere. As though someone were watching over me. Helping me.
I woke up suddenly with such a strange feeling and in a complete daze. My mouth was dry and my head heavy. The window had shut and it was sticky and hot.
Half asleep I checked my phone to see what the time was. I didn’t see. I just saw an update from a blog I follow. It has had a lot of images that have resonated with me so much especially lately in exactly the right moment. In this moment an image from Italy. Venice to be precise. One of my most favourite places because when I visited the first time, a very long time ago now, it was out of season. And it was Beautiful. Magical Quiet. In the evenings strolling along little paths containing no one. Nothing open. Just a maze of deserted paths and every now and then catching the romance of the light from the water or two lovers alone in their gondola.
I’ve been since in the summer. Still lovely but not with the same charm and feeling of that very peaceful and intimate version.

I fell back to sleep but looked at it again this morning. A spiral tower behind heavy gates.
How strange my world feels sometimes.

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